John Robert Ackers


My main skills

Customer Service

I excel at customer service. I spent several years in retail where I learnt how to speak to customers and staff in a way they would understand.


I work well with others and I am not afraid to get involved when working out a problem. I am a proud person, but will not hesitate to ask for help if I know a team member will have a better understanding of a subject.


I have a large amount of knowledge in different areas of IT. Working on the Service Desk has enabled me to broaden my knowledge. I love networking. I have a degree in Computer Network Technology. This is the area I would like to specialise in. Currently I am working towards the CCNA qualification.


Every task set I complete to the best of my ability.

About Me

A summary of Rob Ackers
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

I currently work as a Technical Support Analyst on the Service Desk at KR Group This role has taught me how to prioritize my workload in order to complete the most urgent and time dependent tasks first by working towards Operational Level Agreements. It has also taught me how to communicate with customers and manage 3rd parties in a professional manner. I come from a strong IT Background with a degree in Computer Network Technology. In this course I completed modules such as Network Design and Management, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Advanced Network Routing and Computer Security. I have completed the ITIL Foundation Certification which has improved my understanding on how an IT Department should interact and contribute to the business. I believe I am a strong, reliable hard worked with a proven track record in communicating with customers in a language they would understand using simple real world analogies to describe complex subjects. I also believe I excel at problem solving, using my knowledge on areas I am confident with, and asking for help on areas I am not.

  • ITIL Foundation

    Completed the ITIL Foundation in 2015.

  • Problem Solving

    There is nothing better than solving a problem to help others.

  • Customer Service

    The key to good customer service is excellent communication skills.

  • Time Management

    Able to manage and prioritise tasks according to their urgency and potential impact.

Hobbies and Interests

What I like doing in my personal time.
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Check out My Flickr
I feel that photography is a form of Digital Art. I mainly enjoy Abstract, Macro and Motorsport photography. Looking at the world as a photographer makes it an interesting place. I try to make my photographs tell the story.
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6 Hours of Silverstone 2016
I am an avid Formula 1 Fan and I rarely miss a race. I enjoy visiting the Silverstone race track and I have recently been during the 2015 Silverstone F1. I also enjoy watching WEC and I have plans to watch 6 Hours of Silverstone 2016.
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Sliding down a mountain in the crisp Alpine air
I am a self taught snowboarder who would love to snowboard every day of the year if possible. I try to visit the Alps as much as possible and also plan to visit the Scottish Mountains in 2016. I will take my Abarth 500 north bring my love of snowboarding and driving together.
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Not everything is fast cars and fresh snow.
For the times where this snow has melted and the cars are refueling, gaming will be there. I enjoy playing Role Playing games such as World of Warcraft and First Person Shooters like Battlefield and Titan fall.


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